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With the concept of "your favorite place - your favorite things" anywhereVR has made your ultimate relaxation space from a blue water white sand beach to an infinte starlit sky possible through VR.


"anywhereVR" projects a beautiful 360 degree VR visual landscape with comfortable BGM. Two locations are available for free. You can also add on other locations and music contents.

You can also display your Android screen and your Twitter timeline within the VR world, and enjoy the mini-games that are provided. The application works not only with a VR headset but also on your TV screen.

*To display your Android screen you will require
the cast app (free).


By setting Android to developer option, you can enjoy smoother operation.

Checking the daily news, enjoying your reading. Do your everyday things in anywhere VR.

Android display transparency, size and placement can be adjusted to your liking.

Capture over 100 types of fish in the mini game and collect them.

Turn off the BGM and simply enjoy the waves, wind and sounds of nature.

Collect your favorite places and BGM and create your very own relaxation space.

Paring Android with Bluetooth mouse allows for even more control.

Various trophies will add some spice to your relaxation time.

We also recommend enjoying the slow passing of time with some aroma.

Product Information

Genrerelaxation VR
ReleaseSony Music Entertainment
ReleaseDecember 8, 2016
PlatormPlayStation4 (PSVR enabled)
(Cast Application: Android 5.0 or higher)
PriceFree to Play (add-on content for sale)
CERO rating
(recommended age)
CERO A all ages
Available now on PlayStation Store
Download Android cast app here
©Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc.